Technology & Quality Control
The cutting edge technology with global view

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Fullheart Japan & Harvest Japan is leading the age of technology in the world of computer applied electronics and control system, with integrated R&D, manufacturing and testing of various automation and energy saving devices.

R&D that's looking beyond the needs of today's highly diversified industrial society...
Our vision is always in search of realizing the unlimited dream of men and the world with a global view for the future, relentlessly challenging for the latest technology.
In addition to our own new development, we take orders of customized quality product from small volume to mass production reasonably and promptly.

Needs of our time and users' faith
Heart-filled technology nurturing the product benevolent to people

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The products made by Fullheart Japan with superior design technology and extensive production system...

We endeavor to fulfill the needs of our time and to sustain users' faith in us. There is Fullheart's devoted technology packed in every product we produce along with full of our tender heart for all the users.

Measurement/control system, building management system, computer applied system...
Through creation of our highly technological, fully hearted products, we dedicate ourselves to our time, society and users by manifestly responding to their expectances.

Yoshihiko Kunihiro, Representative Director