Private Information
Management Policy


Private information is the information of certain individual’s name, address, phone number, email address, place of employment, birthday and other information which may identify the individual. The information that may no identify the individual by itself but by combining with other information to easily identify the individual is also included.

2.Management of Private Information

Fullheart Japan Harvest Japan Website (“The Website” or “The service” hereunder) is a website operated by Fullheart Japan Incorporated (“Our company” hereunder). Our company maintains the internal rules on private information protection, conducts educational activities to our directors and employees through regularly held seminars and training sessions.

3.Purpose of Possession of private information

For business necessary to correspond with inquiry of the customer who is the private information holder including provision of the service of our company to the customer, disclosure of the private information to corporate subscribers of the service under consent of the customer, provision of the information and material for the service to the customer and other business related.

4.Provision of private information to third party

In principle, the private information of the customer will not be provided to a third party without consent of the customer to whom the private information belong to.

Party to be provided the information: Limited to only a case when the customer agrees to disclose, the information will be disclosed. However, under the following circumstances, the information may be disclosed without consent of the customer.

Based on the law, if a human life is in concern, or if a human’s body or asset is in need of protection, and if it is difficult to obtain an agreement of the customer, or if it is for the improvement of public health or to promote the healthy development of children and it is difficult to obtain an agreement of the customer, if it becomes necessary to cooperate with state institutions or regional public entities or an individual who has been commissioned to act on their behalf and our company decides that it becomes difficult to conduct the business set by law by obtaining the agreement of the customer, if a court of law, public prosecutor’s office, police, attorney’s association, consumer center or other institutions that hold equivalent authority requests the disclosure of the customer’s private information, if the customer of the private information explicitly request our company to disclose the information to a certain third party, and if by merger or other reasons the business is succeeded and the private information is provided.

5.Disclosure of individual’s private information that is subject to be disclosed

Our company will promptly respond when there was a request from the customer who holds the private information for “notification of the use purpose”, “disclosure”, “correction, addition or deletion”, “suspension of the use, deletion or provision of the to a third party” of the private information (“disclosures” hereunder).

However, if responding with the disclosures will fall into one of the following items, the reason for being unable to respond will be explained to the customer and our company will not be able to respond to the disclosures: if the customer who holds the private information or a third person is in danger of damaging the life, body, asset and other rights and interests, if it will hinder significantly in proper conducting of our company’s business, if it will be unlawful, and if the private information is deleted or suspended of use and the customer will not be able to receive the service currently being provided.

6.Obtainment of private information by a method without easily identifying the individual

In the Website, we may use the technologies of cookie and web beacon etc. for the purpose of improving the use quality of the site or gathering of statistical data of access condition; however, by using these technologies, our company will not by any mean obtain and possess the customer’s private information that was not input by the customer.


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