Our manufacturing philosophy Cutting-edge processing technology
and high quality of integrated system
We realize customers’ idea
and passion with all our hearts.

From the day of establishment in 1968, we have been developing manufacturing technology and system through design and manufacture of various industrial computer control equipment to turn every customer’s “idea and passion” into products for almost half a century. We serve our customers with aggressive effort in advanced technology to be true to Japan quality, and passionate manufacturing which is a mixture of “thought put into the product” and “friendliness to user and society”.

Turn “idea” into “product” with advanced technology and quality

From procurement of a small part to assemblies and final products, we offer solutions for design, process, assembly to fit various customer needs to realize customer’s “idea”.

Idea > Product
Turn idea into “product”

Prototype development

With extensive development experience and integrated system to grasp the whole process, we participate in planning and design and consistently support customer in procurement and manufacture to turn customer’s idea into product.

Drawing > Product
Satisfy demands in high quality & accuracy

Contracted manufacture

As professionals, we contribute customers by “fabricating” a high quality product based on customer’s concept. We also provide you with consultations on mass production or optimization of draft drawing before manufacture.

Reasons why many customers choose us

We respond to customers’ requests taking advantage of our system and strengths we have developed, as well as “manufacturing with passion” faithful to customer’s thought and strong “partnership”.


Integrated production
system with
information sharing and
high quality control


Design & process &
production technology
of Japan quality


Experienced engineers
who “read between
the lines” of drawings

Integrated production system & one stop

We have the vertical integrated production system from design,
parts procurement, process to assembly. The advantages of this system are:

Consistent high quality control

Our integrated production system maintains high and stable quality by strict in-house quality check system for the whole process.

High degree of information sharing between process divisions

Each process is assigned to corresponding division, and sufficient communication and information sharing between divisions facilitate production process and also contribute to improved quality.

Flexible response to specification changes

We quickly and smoothly respond to minor design modification and specification change requests from customers through integrated in-house process.

Production adjustment regardless of scale

Our streamlined production system accept small scale production at reasonable and fair prices.

Each division is in charge of each process collaborating closely between divisions.

We offer design, parts procurement, manufacturing workpiece and substrate, wiring, assembly, modification, adjustment of various units, mechatronics apparatus, control panel through integrated system.

Our quality control policy

We strictly check quality by thorough in-house quality check system in our factory consistently. Gained quality management system (ISO9001) certification

Design & development
Production control
Quality check & control
Shipment / adjustment

Reputable Japanese Quality.
Superior design, process,
production technology.

Having a high level of processing technology unique to Ota Ward in Tokyo,
known as an industrial area, we are capable of design and development of all relevant software / hardware.

Assembling wiring
Substrate mounting
Mechatronics assembling
Instrument piping
Precision sheet metal working
Design & development of software & hardware

Superior processing technology Based in Ota Ward, famous industrial area

In the industrial area of Ota Ward, many small factories with unrivaled metal processing technologies gather and form a unique culture. 80% of them are very small factories with less than 10 employees, but they are known for cooperativeness and taking advantage of the synergies of their professional technologies, while sophisticating own technologies.

Collaborations with Ota Ward and us

Participation to “I-OTA”, the cooperative business unit of Ota Ward, and Shitamachi Bobsleigh Network.

Securing high production capacity Own plant of Harvest Japan

In addition to delving into processing technology as stated, we also meet volume demand in own plant for precise assembling and sheet metal working in Harvest Japan in Ibaraki Prefecture. We can meet customer need for mass production as well as advanced technology.

About Fullheart Japan and Harvest Japan

“Reading between lines of drawings”.
Proposal power of experienced engineers

We have developed and produced various products in different industries like space development, medical care, and household. Our engineers have accumulated wide knowledge across categories through broad experiences in development and now support the quality of our technology.

Study sessions to share techniques internally

We make efforts to improve techniques within the company like technique sharing meetings led by experienced engineers and meetings to review newly developed products.


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