VISION -経営ビジョン- Be solution for customers

Our dream is to give positive suggestions for customers’ problems and to respond to customer needs to please them.

Our dreams are:

to please customers by offering solutions for their problems through our integrated production system from design to manufacture based on our management philosophy and each employee’s humanity

to share same value based on the management philosophy between all the employees and deal with manufacturing responsibly and proactively, and to have pride in being a model company and employees

and that all who are involved in manufacturing work responsibly and help each other to create the best workplace (where everyone can have pride in working environment, characters of employees, our technologies and such) which leads to customer satisfaction and achievement of our management philosophy, and eventually makes all concerned happy. The basic focus on manufacturing is doing good for people. It is our goal to strive for.

From representative director

Please remember our name, Fullheart Japan Inc. and Harvest Japan Inc. Since founded in 1968, we have been devoting to the prosperity of the society and people through designing and production of various industrial computer controlled systems.
We have been producing influential products of the controller industry under an established integrated system of designing, value adding and manufacturing in a package. It is always our utmost joy to precisely respond to the needs of our customers.
When a situation for a need in computer controlling devices or in applied fields arises, please do contact us. With our superior designers and production staff who will specifically respond to your demand, and our latest top notch manufacturing facility line, we are sure to satisfy your need.

Relationship between
Fullheart Japan and Harvest Japan

Daisan Denki Co., Ltd (predecessor of Fullheart Japan), founded in 1968 for wiring assembly of electronic devices in Ota Ward, grew through design and production of industrial computer control equipment. In 1991, the company name changed to Fullheart Japan, and Harvest Japan more specialized in sheet metal working and wiring assembly of electronic devices was also founded. Both companies are like a family and create the synergy as “one company”, taking advantage of the strength of both companies. We will continue to respond to various customer needs utilizing advantages of both.

Activity & participation
Joining Shitamachi Bobsleigh in Ota Ward

Participation to “I-OTA” network, where businesses in Ota Ward motivate each other

We have been trying to cooperate with other entities and actively building a network in Ota Ward, where many small factories with unrivaled technologies gather and form a unique culture, for higher level manufacturing. Active participation to “I-OTA”, the cooperative business unit of Ota Ward to make full use of strength of companies in Ota Ward is one of these approaches to improve techniques and increase the synergy solve customers’ problems.

Official website of “I-OTA”

Committee for Ota brand “Shitamachi Bobsleigh” network project promotion

Being sponsored by small factories in Ota Ward, “Shitamachi Bobsleigh” project that supports Jamaican bobsleigh team with “Japanese manufacturing” has become famous and was adopted to TV dramas. We participate to this project to disseminate the potentiality of manufacturing in Ota Ward to the world through the challenge of the team to the world.

Official website of Shitamachi Bobsleigh Network Project


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